John Schatzman

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John Schatzman
Residing In: kenosha, WI USA
Spouse/Partner: darlene morgan
Children: trudy 1967 ; eric 1970 ; betzy 1972 8 grandchildren ages 15 - 24
Current Interests? Loving,keeping her laughing, and caring for Darlene who has end-stage cancer but still holding stable since since 1990 !! Also the genealogy mentioned above
**A. Where have you been and what 'cha been up to since Park High?

30 years at twin disc,ret age 48 ; 18 yrs in transportation, 15 with milw co transit . Volunteer vet ,1966-1970 including one vol tour in viet nam . reunited with high school " schatzie " and fellow classmate darlene morgan . We married and soon after I began college while working 6 days a week ;fast track-6 years grad with b.s. in bus.mgt/ uw-parkside . The true love of my life , Darlene as a registered nurse , allowed me extra time on alternating weekends with our kids . I've had grandkids living in our home for most of the recent 21 years so , though difficult at times , there were special bonds made to cherish . Until retirement again at age 66 after 48 straight years I actually have a life.The last 17 years kept me away 14-16 hours a day . Also I now have some time to pursue my passion for the family tree work (genealogy ) that was derailed so long . The average person may have zero interest in his roots nor know grandma's maiden name yet find a mild interest in my findings of my relationships to 19 u.s. presidents, Walt Disney , Wright brothers , Amelia Earhard ,John Wayne ,12th cousin to Elvis ,Mark Twain , declaration signers ,Mayflower , Charlmagne , Royals and kings of Britt isles , france, spain ,norway, sweden , germania in 1st century and King of Jerusalem during the crusades for a few examples .Cool as these are , I honor the many volunteers in wars to establish and preserve our country ; I honor those 10's of thousands of forebears who were non-famous but worked,struggled,raised families,gave up the "old country " for this new one of ours . Without just ONE of those ancestors, I wouldn't be here ! I cherish the ever growing love of Darlene, the greatest of all my blessings !

**B. School Story:

low key ; industrial arts that led me to 30-yrs with twin disc,inc retiring at age 48 .I loved going for perfect attendence ;Excelled where I made effort but, more so outside of school . some funny stories to me are :1st in telling to my kids and grandkids that gauls Darlene yet is how hard she worked for her "A" in senior english while had 3 straight "F" quarters and raised mine to a "B" after Mr.parker let me know that to pass the class I'd have to pass all the work of the 2nd semester ! Well I got crackin' . A second humorous ,again to me, in welding class at "Con" school on center st. I accidentally turned the torch on my hand , turning it to what looked like jelly after I shoved my hand into the cooling tank and causing a stench of burned flesh . I walked home where mom gave me a home remedy of hydrogen peroxide and no bandage .I walked back to Park in time for 3rd hour (told you above I tried for perfect attendance) So I showed some girls my "owie" who "ewed", "yukked", and one nearly belched her breakfast !

**C. What Teacher or Coach was the most influential on your education at Park and why?

Keith Tschumper who appreciated my tallents

Where do you spend time away from Wisconsin in the winter?

I don't leave it .I would miss shoveling snow.

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John Schatzman has a birthday today.
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John Schatzman has a birthday today.
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John Schatzman has a birthday today.
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John Schatzman has a birthday today.
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Diann , You are a strong memory for me tho we never met again after 6th grade to my knowledge . We watched Mickey Mouse at your home on 9th st. As one of two original nominees selected by Mr.Rasmussen , Rich. Eisenreich and I both nominated two more each for a 6-way runoff for the trip to Washington,D.C. in 6th grade for Safety Patrol . My 1st choice was you, Diann . the 2nd vote pitted us, and I was voted by our class as Franklin's Rep . for the fabulous trip in May 1959 . The other strong memory is that you were "beat out" on March 6th,1947 by 19 minutes at 4:11 A.M. at Alice Horlick Maternity part of St. Luke's Hospital ! LOL . But seriously,Diann I hope to see you at the reunion or some place whenever you are in Racine .My wife and fellow classmate Darlene Morgan and I expect to be there .I still regret not interrupting you and Mike Glines in conversation 25 years ago at our reunion. Take care .

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