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F John Paap

F John Paap

Francis "Pappy" Paap of Lake Wales passed away Thursday, September 24, 2009 at his residence.

He was born December 6, 1946 in Racine, WI to the late John Morgan & Lucienne (Boniface) Paap; he came here 15 years ago. He was a security guard for the U.S. Security Services, of the Episcopalian faith and a veteran of Viet Nam, serving in the U.S. Navy. He enjoyed star gazing.

Survivors include his wife, Nedra Paap; daughter, Nicole Paap of Wisconsin; son, Andrew Paap of Wisconsin; brother, Roger Paap of Wisconsin; and ten grandchildren.

No public services are scheduled at this time. After cremation, inurnment will be held at the Sarasota VA National Cemetery.

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11/12/13 05:46 PM #1    

Donald Piggins

This goes back beyond high school days to Mitchell Elementary School but I think it may serve well for the rememberence of "Francis", as I remember him. He had a rather "Alfalfa" from "Our Gang" appearance and a witty, cutting-edge sense of humor (rare in 4th grade but he was that kind of guy). One day, among many, he pissed off Ms Krukas and she made him spend the rest of the day standing in a trash can up front by her desk. If you recall trash cans from that era, this was one of those "chest-high", olive drab cans designed to hold a lot of paper. Ms Krukas probably regretted her decision as soon as the words were spoken and I remember the gleam in Francis' eyes as he accepted his sentence. The rest of the day progressed with Francis "Waiting For Godot" in the "big can". The following day it was like the event had never happened. It's strange what one remembers but, that's a fairly easy event to have stored whether it is apocryphal or not as I and my memories age.

So what did him in ? I don't know (help me out here if you can) but I doubt that it was Ms Krukas or even one of her agents.


Don Piggins

11/13/13 06:18 PM #2    

Janice Zierke (Boeck)

I believe he was chewing gum.  Or just fooling around.  I think he was in the can more than once.  His mother was French and he would bring in Eclairs for treats, yum!  Jan Zierke Boeck

11/14/13 09:36 AM #3    

Suzanne Greeley (Feucht)

Hi Janice and Don!

I was in Ms. Krucas's 4th class when that happened!  She was a tough teacher on anyone that fooled around.  When that happened to Francis I was scared to death of doing anything wrong


Suzanne Greeley Feucht


11/15/13 09:33 AM #4    

Karen Klingenmeyer (Loomis)

No one can forget Francis Paap.  He made our classrooms alive.  A gentle man and a great friend.  That 4th grade class with Ms. Krucas was a riot.  Yes, she was strict, however, everyone seems to remember that class well.  Being the smallest girl in the class, I remember Francis always watching over me.  Thank-You Francis for always being there. 


Karen Klingenmeyer Loomis

11/16/13 12:00 AM #5    

Diane Kaestner (Waid)

Francis was a kind and gentle person. A friend to all.


11/17/13 11:26 AM #6    

Gary Howards

I too was in that 4th Grade class.   I also have many fond (and not so fond) memories of Miss Krucas.  She had me picked up by the police for breaking into her mustang.........but that's a long story!!

Anyhow......I just thought that folks may want to know that Miss Krucas is still around.  Believe it or not....she and I have become very good friends over the years.   I'm still in contact with her and always enjoy talking with her.   During our most recent conversation she actually admitted to being "around" 95 years old!     She still maintains her sarcastic sense of humor and her ability to care for others.    Let me know if you want to track her down.

I never did graduate from Park High as my parents moved to Madison my Senior year........I do however have lots of fond memories of Mitchell School and Park High.  I still maintain a close friendship with my friend from second grade......Mike (Ken) Holland.

Take Care............Gary Howards


11/25/13 11:25 AM #7    

Donald Piggins

That was one heck of a class when you think about it plus so many of us that went on to Park from there.

Still alive eh? She's a tough one. I remember Dave Davies bringing her to one of our reunions. She still remembered how I got poster paint smeared on the wall of the room in back of the classroom. I felt guilty all over again.

Don Piggins


01/27/14 04:51 PM #8    

Charles Carothers

I remember playing football with John.  He sure was a happy-go-lucky guy.

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