Robert Fiehweg

Profile Updated: December 11, 2013
Robert Fiehweg
Residing In: Boulder, CO USA
Spouse/Partner: Robin Byers
Military Service: Army  
Current Interests? Birding (still) and Siberian Huskies.
Yes! Attending Reunion
**A. Where have you been and what 'cha been up to since Park High?

Undergrad - UW-Stevens Point (BS - Biology and Chemistry)
Grad school - UW-Madison (MS -Biochemistry)
Grad School - UC-Denver (MS - Civil Engineering)

In between Stevens Point and Madison, I was drafted in June '70, a month after Kent State and the US invasion of Cambodia. While I was in boot camp, the Army Math Research Lab was blown up in Madison. I ended up in the Signal Corps and was sent to Germany instead of Nam.

After grad school, I worked in chemicals, wastewater, nuclear weapons and renewable energy. Along the way, I also worked as an oil field equipment salesman and obtained a Series 7 license to work as a stock broker.

Currently (for the last 8 years) - Sr. Environmental Engineer at the National Renewable Energy Lab in Golden, CO. I also have a small environmental consulting business that will celebrate its 10th anniversary next year. Not destined to be a Fortune 500 company, unfortunately.

**B. School Story:

Being branded as a bird watcher before it became the coolest hobby ever. In English class, Mrs. Felton couldn't stand watching me crane my neck to watch the birds in the shrubs next to the windows, so she moved me to a desk with a much better view. I provided updates when something interesting came along.

**C. What Teacher or Coach was the most influential on your education at Park and why?

Mrs. Elizabeth Flett Felton (English) - I still have a fascination with Shakespeare. Also, Mr. Vaughn, the chemistry teacher, who influenced my selection of a major as a freshman almost as much as my freshman chemistry prof.

Where do you spend time away from Wisconsin in the winter?